The Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts forum

To my knowledge, this is the only forum in any language focusing on Bordeaux wines.

Started by James Howaniec, a lawyer in Maine (USA) in 2005, Bordeaux Wine Enthusiasts is a free-wheeling forum open to everyone who loves the wines of the Gironde and who cares to express their experiences, ideas, thoughts, and tasting notes in English.

The bulk of contributors are from the US, but there are also contingents from the UK, Canada, and other countries.

What’s wonderful is that a lot of the guys get together for tasting dinners in a number of cities across North America and Europe. These “off-lines” are tremendously convivial, and have included many memorable wines thanks to the generosity of members belonging to the BWE virtual community.

BWE “conventions” are held once a year. Furthermore, two pilgrimages have been made to Bordeaux for intensive forays into the wine country in the group’s 15-year history. The highlight of the 2005 trip was dinner at Château Margaux and magnums of the 1961 served by white-gloved waiters with the cheese course…
The 2015 week-long trip (18 people) also includes a wonderful agenda. Yours truly will be taking part on 4 out of 5 days, and it will be a pleasure to share the experience on my blog.
So, please stay tuned to in the coming days!

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