New impetus in 2015

The Nobel prize winner this year was a Frenchman, Patrick Modiano. When journalists asked the French Minister of Culture, Fleur Pellerin, if she had read any of his books, she replied that, no she hadn’t and, in fact, she hadn’t read a single book in the past two years because she’d been too busy. Of couse, the chattering classes, the Parisian intellectuals, and her political opponents seized upon this and thought it was scandalous.

Well, not me. I can relate entirely! There are several books by my bedside. I read a few pages at night, go to sleep, and then have to reread half of what I’ve already read because I was half-asleep at the time…

I only mention this because it explains the slowed down rythym of the blog. I’ve had a lot on my plate lately (work and family) and, although I’ve certainly had more than my share of wines in the past several weeks, have not been assiduous enough in sharing photos, comments, and tasting notes. Well, my New Year’s resolution for 2015 is to be a lot more communicative and spontaneous. Thanks for bearing with me, and all best wishes for the New Year!

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